Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Auto Part Tips - Car Battery Maintaining

You seldom think about your car battery until you are in a deserted parking garage late at night and your car won't start. Then it becomes very important in your life. Car batteries require simple and routine maintenance in order to work properly over their lives. If you can open your hood and use a wire brush, you can maintain a car battery. First thing is to pop open your hood and locate your battery. Don't worry, it won't bite. The 2 posts that the battery cables are connected to must be clean and free of corrosion. Corrosion can prevent the cables from getting a charge from the battery and prevent your car from starting. Simply keeping your terminals clean can keep those troubles away. Get a wire brush and scrub the contacts clean. If you are really motivated, you can remove the cables and scrub the inside of connector and the terminal post. You should have a good contact after you complete this little chore. You also need to check your water level, especially when it is hot outside. If the water level drops too low, the battery will have a difficult time holding a charge. Next time you fill up, ask the guy at the service station to check it for you. Don't wait until your car is slow to crank up. If your battery is not putting out enough juice, it may be too late to save it. The time to save your car battery is before these symptoms show up and always have a pair of jumper cables or a battery booster in your truck. You never know if that old battery has cranked for the last time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Auto Reviews - 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

One of the finest coupes on the road today, the CL is an artful blend of performance, technology and classic luxury that rarely fails to impress.

Superbly refined in every respect, dizzying array of high-tech features, classic styling, impressive performance.

Complex navigation and audio systems, cramped rear seat.

What's New for 2006
The AMG Sport package, with AMG-designed bumpers, side sills and 18-inch alloy wheels, is now standard. The CL600 loses its integrated cell phone but picks up some former options as standard equipment, among these Keyless Go, an electronic trunk closer and a heated steering wheel.

Based on the flagship S-Class sedan, the CL-Class' naming might confuse some folks into thinking it shares components with the C-Class or CLK-Class. Well, it doesn't. Regardless of its quirky nomenclature, this stylish and swoopy version of the company's top-of-the-line coupe debuted in 2000, replacing the more squarish and upright 1993 to 1999 version. The CL500 is the standard eight-cylinder model, while the CL600 adds a formidable 12-cylinder power plant. Both deliver exceptional performance that makes them exhilarating to drive, yet their capabilities are never intrusive when they're not wanted, as the CL is a calm and quiet cruiser. An active suspension system, called Active Body Control (ABC), helps these big coupes handle like much smaller sports cars. The system helps to minimize or eliminate unsettling movements, such as body roll while cornering and squat and dive under acceleration and braking. Another high-tech feature is the Pre-Safe system, which can anticipate an imminent accident, and automatically tighten the seatbelts and position the power seats to afford the best protection for the occupants. Beautiful to look at, ride in and drive, the CL has the grand touring coupe segment virtually all to itself, with only BMW's 6 Series coming close in terms of offering all-out supercar levels of performance along with seating for four adults.

Body Styles, Trim Levels and Options:
The CL is a two-door coupe available in two trim levels: CL500 and CL600. Both feature nearly all the luxury amenities you would expect in a flagship coupe including high-intensity discharge headlamps, a DVD-based navigation system, dual-zone automatic climate control, an eight-speaker Bose sound system, 14-way power-adjustable seats and generous amounts of leather and wood trim. Options include ventilated seats with built-in fans to keep one's backside cool on sultry days and a power lumbar support that also inflates and deflates twice a minute, providing a slow massage to keep fatigue at bay on a long trip. Also available is adaptive cruise control, parking sensors and special designo packages for a more customized interior look.

Powertrains and Performance:
The CL500 is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 rated for 302 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque that delivers power through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Not to be outdone, the CL600 has a 5.5-liter V12 fed by twin turbochargers that produces an astounding 493 hp and 590 lb-ft or torque. Mercedes claims that these staggering numbers allow the CL600 to accelerate to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. A five-speed automatic is standard on the CL600.

Standard safety equipment includes four-wheel antilock disc brakes; electronic traction and stability control; seat- and headliner-mounted side airbags; and emergency braking assist. Seatbelt pre-tensioners and belt-force limiters are used at all four passenger positions.

Interior Design and Special Features:
Virtually every luxury and convenience item, including a navigation system and power door-closing assist, is standard on every CL. Specific wood trim is fitted as well, with dark interiors having burled walnut, while lighter cabins are graced with chestnut timber. Most of the controls come straight from the S-Class, but the quality of materials is even better in the CL, with a leather-trimmed dash, less plastic and even more beautiful wood highlights. Particularly impressive are the CL's unique stainless steel doorsills and outer-edge door trim.

Driving Impressions:
Step on the throttle, and the Mercedes gathers itself up on a wave of torque, seemingly accelerating just as fast from 30 to 90 as it does from zero to 60. No matter which model you drive, the power delivery is the same, seamless and unflustered, the only variable being the rapidity of acceleration. In spite of a curb weight of over 2 tons, the CL handles the curves like a much smaller, lighter car, a sensation brought about chiefly by the Active Body Control (ABC) system that quells body roll as well as squat and dive while the car is being driven aggressively. In normal driving, the suspension soaks up the bumps as well as any luxury car, but when you're ready to make time on a twisty road, the CL tightens up, rising to the challenge.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Word Class Truck - Nissan Titan 2006

The 2006 Nissan Titan is a world-class truck. This full size pickup is at the top of its class with 379 lb-ft of torque. I had an opportunity to test drive and look at the Titan's when looking to purchase a full size truck. I looked at the Tundra, too. The Toyota is no slacker by any means, but this Titan is sharp.

Let's just start with the big silver 5.6 numbers you see on the back of the truck. That means it has the 305 hp V8 engine - strong enough to tow 9500 lbs. It does have a fully boxed frame, so give up on those Ford commercials. Notice they only compare the Ford to the Dodge and Chevrolet pickups? Wonder why? No, I don't.

Closest comparison I can find to the Titan's power is the F150 with the larger 5.4-liter engine. It has 300 hp and can tow as much as the Titan. But the tow package on the Titan comes with a lower final gear ratio to act more like a 4 speed automatic instead of a 5 speed. It also has a transmission temperature gauge and trailer brake controller prewired under the dash.

Now if you are more the off-roading type, you'll like the electronic locking rear differential and the Rancho off-road shocks. It also has fog lights and skid plates which are a must have.

The Titan boasts most modern conveniences as the Tundra like braking distribution and shifting on the fly 4wd.

In my inspection of the 2005 and 2006 models, I did notice a neat feature. The tailgate weighs a ton, but on the 2006 model, it appears weightless. Nissan added gas shocks to aid in lowering and raising the tailgate. Pretty slick. The other really neat feature I found in this truck was the locking outside toolbox. It's a lockbox under the left rear tire, up under the fender. There's a door and a locking latch to store other things, like tools and such. It's pretty cool. That has me on a bias towards the Nissan as if the other features didn't.

In the bed is a factory sprayed on bed liner and this neat utility track to hold stuff in place. Rather, it allows me to position ropes and tie downs where I need them. But inside, the interior has something to be desired. Looks like a 350Z nightmare. The steering wheel and gauge cluster is nice, but move over to the right of that and, I dunno, just not my taste.

There are 3 trim levels, XE, SE, and LE. The SE seems to be the most common and it's nice. Not much difference as I can tell between an SE and LE. It is a nice truck and should be considered if you are shopping around as I am and have been.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Choosing the Right Car the Key to Fall Adventure

Driving, across the country or merely a state line or two, is the quintessential sport. Our cars transport us to destinations like family reunions, vacations and honeymoons. You won't find it on the front page of the sports section, but driving, windows down, music blaring and sunshine hot on your face has become a tradition that's getting more popular every year.

Like lemonade stands and drive-in movies replaced by today's mega-theatres and air-conditioned malls, cruising has evolved to include not only today's safer convertibles, but other vehicles that lend themselves to the particular tastes of the driver.

They say getting there is half the fun, and if you're driving one of this year's newer vehicles to your vacation destination that really will be the case, says John Davis, host and executive producer of MotorWeek, a weekly automotive magazine show produced by Maryland Public Television.

Davis says you'll be seeing a lot of pickups, SUVs and convertibles out there; and unlike in past years when people might rent fun cars specifically to drive on vacation, the latest trend is for people to travel in their own vehicles. It's a comfort thing as well as being more economical, says Davis.

Besides, you can almost customize what you drive these days. People are buying vehicles that are good for more than just getting to and from work and running errands, they're buying cars that have a lot of storage space and are also fun to drive, says Davis, whose show tracks trends in the automotive industry.

So-called cross over vehicles, which combine the features of a car with those of a sedan, minivan or sport utility vehicle, are really gaining in popularity. They are the widest, most imaginative group of vehicles to enjoy in the history of the industry, says Davis.

Vehicles that fall into this category include the Pontiac Vibe, Subaru Baja, Honda Element, Scion xB, Chrysler Pacifica, Toyota Matrix, and Chevrolet Avalanche. They cover a broad range of prices from under $15,000 to well over $40,000.

*Safety Issues

They are very versatile, there's no doubt about that, says Davis. But like the traditional SUV, they tend to be tall, and taller vehicles by their very nature can roll over easier, so you still need to be extra careful when taking corners.

Rollovers can also be a worry for another popular summertime car: convertibles. They tend to be slower to respond to driver inputs because they are heavier than your average sedan, but Davis points out, they have come a long way. Convertibles used to be flimsily made and clumsy to drive, and really rattled over rough roads. Now they are better built, with better suspensions, and are much safer. Along with front airbags, many convertibles can be ordered with side impact airbags, while a few have pop-up roll-over bars that automatically provide extra protection for occupants. Most also offer electronic driving aids like anti-lock brakes and electronic stability systems.

Cruising still has the devotion of the American driver as it has for years, but with some 210 million registered drivers on the road, it does require us to be more conscious. Not just about safety, but other drivers, and local laws as they relate to aggressive driving and cell phone use. So, toss the cell phone in the glove compartment, strap on your seat belt and enjoy your next road trip.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Go for Two Strokes for Bigger Power

What is a 2-stroke diesel engine?

As the name suggests, these engines work on reciprocating actions of pistons. One stroke means one linear motion of the piston in one direction. When the piston moves in the opposite direction, that is counted as another stroke.

For a 2-stroke engine, the piston has to move up, and then down to complete one cycle of the engine. In those 2 strokes of the piston, the crankshaft will have turned 1 revolution.

The 2 strokes of the piston is to complete 4 stages of the combustion cycle - air intake, compression, combustion and exhaust. As you might have known, in order for a fire (or explosion) to occur to power the engine, we need a fuel, a heat source, and oxygen coming together at the same time.

Remember how the crankshaft and the piston moves in a cylinder? The reciprocating movement of the piston is converted to rotary motion by means of a crankshaft. The piston reciprocates between Top Dead Center and Bottom Dead Center inside the cylinder liner.

One of the most prominent feature of a 2-stroke engine is the presence of air intake ports on the cylinder liner that will enable fresh air to be led in for combustion.

These air inlet ports are cut into the cylinder liner somewhere at the lower end of the latter. In a typical design, the air inlet port are located about 35 degrees from the Bottom Dead Center (BDC).

In many designs, the fresh air that is introduced into the cylinder is also used to drive out the spent exhaust gases inside it. Many designs make use of scavenging air fans like electric blowers or turbochargers to slightly pressurize the intake air before the latter is introduced into the cylinder.

In order to allow the exhaust gases to be expelled from the cylinder, exhaust ports are often cut into the cylinder just like the air intake ports. A typical design will have the exhaust port located about 50 degrees from Bottom Dead Center.

So, let's describe our engine stages at the combustion space between the piston top and the cylinder head.

From Bottom Dead Center (BDC), the piston, full of fresh air, moves up the cylinder liner until it covers up the air intake port. The air intake process stops.

The piston moves further up. It then covers up the exhaust port on the cylinder liner. The exhaust process stops.

The piston moves further up. The air inside the combustion space is compressed and becomes hot. The piston has nearly reached Top Dead Center at this point.

Highly atomized fuel is then injected into the combustion space. The fuel burns rapidly causing an explosion inside the combustion space. The explosion causes a tremendous rise in pressure and the piston is pushed down towards BDC.

As the piston moves down, the exhaust ports uncover about 50 degrees from BDC. Exhaust gases are thus led out from the cylinder. The pressure inside the cylinder drops immediately.

The piston moves further down. At 35 degrees from BDC, it uncovers the air intake port. Fresh air is then led into the cylinder.

The piston then reaches BDC. Because of the momentum created from the force of the explosion, the piston reverses in direction and moves upwards towards Top Dead Center (TDC).

The process then repeats itself.

In some designs, the exhaust gases are removed through an exhaust valve, located at the cylinder head and very similar to the 4-stroke engines. This type of scavenging is called uniflow scavenging. The timing of the valve opening and closing will be controlled by a camshaft, push rods, rocker arms or other similar devices.

Well folks, why do we want to squeeze all the strokes into 2 cycles? That could be discussed further...

"PRODUCE YOUR BEST WITH THE BEST!" Hard-to-find tools become easy-to-find.

Mercedes Car Technology Updated

Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions in the decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to give the public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars. And this goal continues up to now and the process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.

In this high-tech, computer-driven world car makers are striving to produce the best technologies to make their cars safer and more enjoyable to drive. Mercedes leads the pack in engineering technology as it has managed to feature in its vehicles some of the most precise, up-to-date and excellent quality car parts, accessories, safety features and entertainment systems. But not to be outdone, Mercedes still continues on its quest to give its patrons nothing but the best. Below is a list of the up and coming state of the art features engineered by Mercedes.

Latest Mercedes technology that will be used in its future cars:

1) Safety systems with radar and cameras that watch out for danger as you drive. These safety equipment will be able to warn you of imminent danger by using advance mathematics to calculate the possibilities and the chances of danger occurring. This will be the future's way of fortune telling!

2) Keyless entry is already being used on other vehicles like the Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models, Mercedes on the other hand is on its way to using a credit card style system which will replace car keys in the near tomorrow. That will make for lighter pockets!

3) Highly improved navigation console systems that includes computer-like screens on the dash, global positioning satellite and on board DVD's which can easily flash directions, maps, vital information on businesses like hotels, hospitals etc will be installed in every Mercedes. Getting lost will be a lot harder with these in your car!

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather, news, and other information. Long trips won't be the same with these kinds of entertainment on board!

5) Various parts of the vehicle will be connected to a computer program which will be able to store relevant data to aid dealers, manufacturers and your mechanic in diagnosing the problem. With a handy cellular phone or laptop, you can transfer the data to the Internet and get a long-distance troubleshoot for your Mercedes. New technologies such as these, nothing IS impossible!

6) 40 Volt Electrical Systems will be a standard feature on the Mercedes which will allow for more electrical equipments to be brought into the vehicle.

7) Voice prompts allows you to talk to your car and command it to operate various basic functions such as locating a radios station. This technology is already used in certain BMW's, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes models and will continue to be used and adapted as standard features on all trims and models.

8) Electronically controlled pedals, already used by Mercedes, will be installed in more of its vehicles. It sends an electronic signal rather than set the brake or accelerator in motion through physical contact which allows a split-second action.

9) Programmable Mercedes vehicles will arrive in the foreseeable future. It allows the driver to choose the type of vehicle to drive and uses electronics to adjust his Mercedes according to his personal preference like lowering or raising ground clearance for varied ground effects. The choice between sporty and luxurious, stylish and chic has never been easier!

With these technological breakthroughs, you need an auto parts store that updates its stocks along with the non-stop evolution of the vehicles in the market. Most importantly, you need an auto parts store that is reliable yet affordable. At Auto Parts Train, you will find prime quality, genuine Mercedes parts at very reasonable rates. To browse through the most complete and comprehensive catalogue of superior quality Mercedes parts, click on http://www.partstrain.com/ShopByVehicle/MERCEDES_BENZ and experience how shopping for car parts online should be like.

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Replacement Parts for Mazda5

The MAZDA5 is powered by an all-aluminum 2.3-liter, four-cylinder MZR series engine shared with the popular MAZDA3 subcompact, producing 157-horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque. Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) provides brisk throttle response and plenty of torque both under acceleration and at cruising speeds. Transmission options are a five-speed manual or four-speed Sport AT automatic with manual shift mode. The MAZDA5 will be available in either Sport or Touring trim levels. The Sport trim level includes an AM/FM/CD stereo, power windows and locks as well as cruise control. Touring trim includes all of the amenities of the Sport level and adds climate control, front fog lamps, attractive rear spoiler, sleek side skirts, an in-dash six-disc AM/FM/CD changer and a power moon roof. Striking 17-inch alloy rims and a comprehensive airbag safety system are standard on both models. To suppress body roll, Mazda 5 has MacPherson struts in the front and a multi-link suspension in the rear. The high-performance suspension combination limits the natural body-lean effects of the relatively tall height when cornering, yielding predictable, neutral handling.

Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) combine with Mazda's own Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system ensures stability and control under braking, regardless of load or weight distribution. EBD with ABS minimize stopping distances. Mechanical brake assistance boosts braking force to ensure a shorter stopping distance in emergencies. Mazda has Advanced Impact-energy Distribution and Absorption System. Other safety features designed to protect vehicle occupants include an airbag-supported supplemental restraint system, front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger, and airbag curtains large enough to protect all three rows of seats.

Active safety measures include a driving position oriented for safety with minimal blind spots and maximum visibility through the side windows and an extremely capable braking system. Mazda firmly believes that a responsive, easy-to-drive vehicle makes it easier to avoid accidents, and minimizes the chance of occupant injury. Mazda's commitment to safety reflects its efforts to protect both driver and passengers through both active and passive measures. Partstrain has a vast array of well crafted Mazda Replacement Parts, Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts and accessories to choose from its online store at http://www.partstrain.com/ShopByVehicle/MAZDA available 24 hours a day to serve your most demanding auto parts needs. It has in its stock highest quality Mazda body parts that will retain the Mazda's driving dynamics bundled-in technology and its design. Excellence is synonymous to service for all of Parts train's customer service staff in dealing with all of your auto parts inquiries.

How to make sure your parking lots

If you are considering the option of opening a parking lot, you should always think about the security measures and their costs, of course. Security measures don't seem like a big thing, but they are extremely important. If an aggressive incident takes place in your parking lot, people will soon start looking for other places to park their cars. This mean loss of income, business may face the risk of losing the clients. So, always pay attention to good parking lot security measures.

In order to decide on the best security measures, you should first identify the risks involved. The emergency issue is very important. Strict security problems or severe medical emergencies should be quickly located and solved in your parking lot. You should think of ways of letting the parking services' providers know of the critical situation which is occurring. A visual signal, a light, a strong sound would be a good measure for informing the parking security staff that a sensitive situation needs to be handled.

Another important problem is finding a fast way of servicing a driver that is facing a technical problem like a flat tyre or a dead battery. Or how to give assistance to a driver that has confused the place where he/she has parked the car in a huge, multi-story parking lot. Therefore, the parking services should be very friendly and helpful.

The best way of combating situation of any origin in your parking lot is to have a video surveillance system, access control and an intercom. Actually, combining these three systems and adding a good lighting system is the best measure. For better results, these systems shouldn't be limited only to the inside of the parking lot; they should be extended to the outside of the parking lot.

You should also equip your parking lot premises with emergency phones, for a better communication between your security staff and the driver in distress.

And remember to always train your security staff on issues about how to react properly and efficiently to a critical situation or an emergency.

All these measures should ensure a better security for your parking lot. But keep in mind that fast and accurate reaction is the element that is making the difference between a severe, violent incident and a minor happening!

How To Getting The Best Automotive Service

Just as clear communication between you and your doctor can equal better care for your body, communicating carefully with your mechanic means the best care for your body of your car!

When you think about it, you know your car better than anyone else. You drive it every day and know how it feels and sounds when everything is right. So don't ignore its warning signals. If something doesn't feel quite right, get your car checked out.

The following tips should help you along the way:

Preventative Medicine

Follow the recommended service schedules.

Keep a log of all repairs and service.

Check your car for:

unusual sounds odors drips leaks smoke warning lights changes in acceleration changes in engine performance changes in gas mileage changes in fluid levels worn tires, belts, hoses. difficulty in handling, braking, steering unusual vibrations

When there is a problem…

Write the information/symptoms down to give to your repairman. When did the problem first start? Exactly when does the problem occur? Is it constant or does it occur now and again? Does the problem happen when the vehicle is cold or after the engine has warmed up? Is the problem noticeable when you accelerate? When you brake? At all speeds? When shifting?

Remember to let the technician diagnose and recommend a remedy, even if you think you already know what the problem is. Plus, it's important not to demand an on-the-spot diagnosis. The technician needs to thoroughly examine the vehicle before knowing what's really going on.

Stay involved. And don't be shy about asking as many questions as you need to understand the problem. Mechanical terminology can be confusing to the layperson. Ask for simple definitions of technical terms you're not familiar with.

It's hard to be patient, as most of us feel completely incapacitated without our vehicles. Make sure you ask to be called and informed of the problem, recommended action, and costs BEFORE work begins.

Before you leave, ask about labor rates, guarantees, and what methods of payment are acceptable.

Leave a telephone number where you can be called.

The information you share with your auto technician will enable him to more easily locate the problem, diagnose it, and repair any damage. Then you and your car will be on the road again!

Your auto insurance.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Free auto insurance

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Genuine Infiniti part is needed for cars to run smoothly

By: Tim Johrer

Most of us own cars for our own purposes and we do know how important genuine parts are! If you are an owner of an Infiniti car then getting used to genuine Infiniti part is important as it can help your car to run smoothly. Riding is not only aspect that you have to do with your car another important facet is to keep your car proper maintained. Suppose if you have your own car then you may go for long drive or celebrating your vacation with your family members. During the long journey, it may happen that some parts may turn out to be inefficient and so to avoid such condition you need to do have some alternate provision to stay away from such things. It is apparent that after a long journey your car will go for maintenance to repair the worn out parts of your car. After all, you want your car to work properly in accurate condition for long duration and then you must look for the genuine parts that you are using to replace older parts.

Infiniti is a renowned brand that is manufactured by Nissan which is reputed in making luxury cars. Car lovers are truly crazy for Infiniti cars as they are awesome in trendy designs, good looks, comfort level and above all its wonderful performance. Cars have become a passion for many of us and so individuals do look for luxury cars. It does reflect your lifestyle in true sense, in other words if you have a luxury car then it means you own a high status in the society. Along with owning a car, it is also important that you take good care of the maintenance of your car.Well; the use of genuine Infiniti part increases the life of your Infiniti car. Use of genuine part is not related with being luxury or any other aspect. Any car needs to have made up of genuine parts so that it can work for longer period as cars are not bought daily. If you are an Infiniti owner then you must replace worn out parts with genuine and original Infiniti part.

Finding an Infiniti dealer in your city is not a tough task as Infiniti has its existence in every city of United States. There are several Infiniti dealers who are selling genuine Infiniti part to their customers. Now it up to you to choose a perfect dealer with whom you can assure of getting quality parts for your car. Your car can face technical problems at any point of time and so you need to know about a genuine dealer who can help you to solve your problem. If your car has some problem then it also advisable to get it repaired from a recognized service station or from Infiniti service station as well. Being a proud owner of Infiniti, you should also be aware of fake dealers who sell fake Infiniti part and they convince you to buy such fake parts. The best way to keep yourself away from fraud and being cheated is to make sure that you do not fall prey to such dealers. It is advisable that you buy Infiniti part from renowned Infiniti dealers so that you can be assure of getting genuine parts.

Article Source: http://www.article-buzz.com

Information about the Author:

Tim Johrer has a special interest towards luxury cars and knows that the level of class defines luxury cars.He provides information to customers about different range of Infiniti cars.For more information related to Millennium Infiniti and Infiniti part visit www.millenniuminfiniti.com

Fly with the Bentley

By: Lance Dixon

Have you ever seen the winged “B” badge of the Bentley and felt like flying? If yes, you are not the only one! People all around the world dream of owning a Bentley and why not, its stature is just too big not to be desired! Bentley Motors was established in England in January 1919. The founder was Walter Owen Bentley. Walter Owen was always fascinated by combustible engines and racing motorcycles, like most young boys are, and the Bentley was an outcome of this passion.

Bentley Motors has a history full of turns and twists and quite an interesting one too! Lets skim through its pages.

The manufacturing of the Bentley started with a 3-litre engine car which was very advanced for its times. It had four cylinders, single overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and twin-spark ignition via two magnetos. But it did make some noise. It is said, that this noise once irritated a nurse who was attending to a dying patient. To everyone’s surprise, a person present there had then said ‘A happy sound to die to”! Such was the beginning of the Bentley!

The Bentley was and is primarily known as a racing car. It has won many Le Mans trophies. The Le Mans is a 24-hour car endurance test held in France. It tests a car to it limits and those who can sustain the grill, command tremendous respect and awe in the automobile market. These races also provided a huge advertisement for the Bentley. The first Bentley,the 3-litre car, participated and came a very respectable 4th!

From then on, there was no looking back and Bentley motors went on to make some of the finest cars ever known. Sometimes the manufacturing was so slow that the cars were made just before delivery and at times even the demonstration cars had to be sold. But their popularity never ceased to soar. In reality fewer people bought them due to their high prices but still everyone secretly thought of taking control of one of these. After a few years, it was announced that Bentley Motors would retire from racing as they were falling short of money. As well as this, all the rash race driving was giving the common man a very bad impression about the car. Some people were wary of buying the car, as they saw it as a symbol of rough driving. Somewhat in order to break this image, Bentley Motors manufactured a bewitching limousine passenger car. But by this time, the great depression had taken its toll on Bentley Motors, leaving it in financial doldrums. Hence it was decided to sell the firm. Thus Rolls Royce took over Bentley Motors in a very dramatic manner in 1931. At that time Bentley was the most formidable rival of Rolls Royce and the world saw this as a mega deal for Rolls Royce. Actually it was good news for Bentley (in one way at least), that their baby would at least be in some experienced hands. Thus the Bentley was actually with Bentley Motors only till 1931.

The Volkswagen Group ,a German company, has been the owner of Bentley since 1998. The Bentleys are manufactured at the Crewe factory in England.

The various current and popular models of this car are Arnage, Azure, Continental GT, Continental Flying Spur and Continental GTC.

Luxury, elegance and comfort characterize all the Bentleys. Features like emergency fuel shut-off device, child safety door locks located on rear doors, engine immobilizer, front seatbelt height adjusters, fog lights, anti-theft protection, airbags with occupant sensors, computers keeping track of average speed, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and range for remaining fuel, keyless entry operated via key fob, tire pressure monitor, separate driver/front passenger climate controls, rear window defroster, heated washer system, bluetooth incorporated telephone system, electric foldable mirrors, ashtrays, full maps, remote controlled DVD, several speakers, headlight cleaners, leather seats, tinted glass ,a variety of interior lighting, etc. make the Bentley, a precious buy. The Azure also has a sunroof/moonroof and a removable/convertible top!

The Bentley cars are immediately recognizable by the huge headlights they flaunt. But unlike their easy to spot features, they are very difficult and intricate to make! The Bentley is known as a highly reliable, sturdy and versatile car. Versatile, as it combines uncompromising luxury with enviable performance and reliability.

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Lance Dixon has been a leader in the www.lancedixon.com.au”>Melbourne Prestige Car business since 1965. He owns and runs several www.lancedixon.com.au”>prestige car dealerships in Melbourne.


Springfield, MO, June 1, 2007 -- O’Reilly Auto Parts understands car care maintenance. Since fuel prices
reached all time highs this spring, we want to pass along some quick tips to attain the best mileage possible from
your vehicle.
Maintaining a consistent level of fuel economy happens in a variety of methods. While products that boast huge
gains in mileage can provide some savings, significant improvements in fuel economy can be achieved through
observing good driving habits and keeping your vehicle well maintained. Here are a few tips to help maintain
your vehicle to its optimum performance level.
- Air Filter – Changing a dirty air filter can improve gas mileage by up to 10% and should be done
annually and checked every time you change your oil. Don’t forget about your fuel filter and breather
filter, which also need to be changed annually.
- Spark Plugs – Worn spark plugs can reduce fuel economy by up to 30%. Check your owner’s manual
for change intervals that will help improve vehicle performance and increase fuel mileage.
- Tire Inflation – Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve your fuel economy up to one mile
per gallon. Under-inflated tires are not only a safety hazard but result in a significant reduction in
- Gas Cap – Around 17% of vehicles have either damaged, loose or missing fuel caps, which causes
fuel to evaporate and reduces mileage. Make sure your gas cap is tight after refueling and consider
purchasing a locking gas cap.
- Motor Oil Grade – Using the vehicle manufacturers’ recommended grade of motor oil could improve
your mileage up to 2%.
- O2 Sensor – Most vehicles produced since 1981 have one or more oxygen sensors. Replacing faulty
oxygen sensors can improve your mileage up to 40%.
- Check Engine Light – When illuminated, the Check Engine light could indicate a number of potential
problems that would negatively affect fuel economy. If your check engine light is on, it’s a good idea
to have a diagnostic check performed by a qualified technician.
- Aggressive Driving – Speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking can lower your mileage more
than 30%. Fuel efficiency decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Each 5 mph you drive over 60
mph is like paying an additional $.10 per gallon.
- Excess Idling – Avoid excess idling. Your vehicle uses more fuel to idle than it does to restart the
engine. If you are stopping for an extended period of time, turn your engine off.
- Excess Weight – Heavier vehicles take more fuel to move. Clean out your vehicle and improve your
fuel economy.

Most of the items listed here can be done at little or no cost and they can save time, money and inconvenience.
Your owner’s manual is an excellent reference when performing maintenance on your vehicle. Periodically, your
vehicle should have a thorough inspection by a qualified technician.

Buy a Car Online?

By: Dennis James

Do you really think that people are buying cars and trucks online? Absolutely, it took sometime for the automobile industry to setup a presence on the Internet, but buying vehicles online is now an option that is here to stay.

In fact, vehicles sales on the Internet are becoming one of the top categories when it comes to analyzing terms of gross merchandise volume. Shopping for a car or truck online is now as common as ordering a DVD movie or any other product through the different shopping web sites.

The enthusiasm displayed by buyers and sellers of cars is easily observed in the way they have embraced the Internet as a major trading venue for all types of automobiles, vehicles, and automotive parts, thanks to the huge potential market that the World Wide Web offers to all.

People, who hardly thought it was possible to buy a car over the Internet, today are avid online researchers trying to find the best deals or to analyze the characteristics of a car of truck before going to a dealer to make their purchase, although this is not absolutely necessary.

The increasing number of car and truck manufacturers and dealers has found a powerful ally in telemarketing and online marketing. Thus, potential buyers have no need to move away from home to purchase a brand new car or truck.

Filling in an online form is even more convenient that ordering a car by phone, since the Internet shows you how your new car looks before actually own it or visit the dealer to see it.

In addition, it is becoming more and more common for buyers to complete an entire purchase online, never seeing the car until they own it, and there are numerous car-buying web sites, popular by their interactive design that let you appreciate in detail each of the vehicles available.

Furthermore, online car traders offer an array of auto parts and services that translates in greater value to the customers, and increased volume of sales, although it is not mandatory that a car dealer or manufacturer offer these services, that anyway are available through countless online auto parts merchants.

Doing an online research today is faster than in past times. The Internet offers powerful search engines that facilitate your work while seeking a truck or car. Internet research is faster and easier alternative to visiting dealers directly.

Car manufacturer’s web sites and vehicle information sites such as caranddriver.com and edmunds.com are the way to go when it comes to comparing between car brands and models, based on price, year of introduction, miles per gallon, body type, curb weight, powertrain layout, transmission, configuration, displacement, and other features.

Today, more than ever before in the history of automobile, new car shoppers have the opportunity to narrow down their choices, before ordering online, telephone, or visiting a dealer for a test-drive if they want. Even better is the option for the used car shopper who can now select from used cars available nationwide rather than just those cars available in their local area.

As more car-related web sites come online, more people are able to shop or negotiate a car purchase. However, it is up to state laws, whether you can complete an entire car transaction over the Internet.

However, many web sites can deliver vehicles to a dealer near the buyer after checking the quality of a particular car or truck, making shoppers rest assured in the knowledge that an ASE-certified automotive technician has inspected the available cars.

The Internet has simplified the process of buying a car, revealing all mysteries, and making it possible to find dealers with return or exchange policies and countrywide locations where cars can be returned. Because car information is no longer controlled by dealers, shoppers can complete a transaction at a fair price.

Purchasing a car or truck online is a growing trend that approach shoppers to available inventories, models, price comparison, and further research on quality-check before buying a vehicle.

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Visit DennisDornon.com for everyday invoice prices on Orlando Chrysler and Orlando Jeep.

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Save Money on Buying Auto Parts

As you know, buying auto parts can get expensive. And it can be especially difficult to save money on parts for older vehicles.

To save some money, consider these 4 tips when buying auto parts:

1. Buy Used or Rebuilt Auto Parts
2. Online Auto Parts Auctions
3. Wholesale Car Parts
4. Discount Car Part Dealers


Vintage Auto Sign and Thermometers

You may found a great selection of signs and thermometers made of vitreous enamel on steel and that would make an attractive addition to any garage. They come pre drilled for easy fitting and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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2005 BMW 325Ci Coupe Multi Rib Belt

6PK X 1538
Alternator : Water Pump
Power Steering

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Shopping for volkswagen parts

There are so many merchants selling automotive parts nowadays, both online and offline - things can get really confusing.

# How do you know what to buy?
# Who do you buy from?
# What should you look out for when buying?
# What is the best kind of part for your vehicle?

On the site, we answer all of these questions and more. By reading the information we have posted for you, you can shop with a greater level of confidence and avoid costly mistakes. You will find many of the articles pretty interesting as well.

In search of discount auto parts? You will learn about the various sources for finding the volkswagen parts you need at far below standard retail prices.

Maybe you're in search of genuine auto parts. Well we have a number of rules that you should keep in mind while shopping. There are certain things you much watch out for.

Follow our straightforward, informative online guide and learn about various options on where to shop.

We discuss various terms that you should know when you're shopping for volkswagen parts. This will help you understand what kind of parts you should be buying. Learn where and how to find the right body part for your volkswagen, as well.

Learn how to choose car rims and wheels and even car stereos. Who knows? You may need to replace your car engine one day. We present some of the things you must look for.

And just in case you need performance parts, we present you with a brief sampling of available parts that can be purchased to enhance your vehicle's performance and make it into exactly what you need.

Finding high quality parts for your volkswagen can be pretty simple. You just have to know where to look.

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VW Beetle Parts A/C Clutch

VW A/C Clutch

Fits Year: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05.

Engine: ALH It was soo simple to find what I needed at just the click of a button


I'd highly recommend this site to others.

Driving around with my vent visors in the rain let me crack the window, smoke my smoke and laugh at all the suckers who didn’t have them. Received the order 2 days after I placed it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this site.

GMC Acadia Accessories Remote Start

By pressing a button on the key fob, the remote start system starts your parked vehicle from about 200 feet away. Great for bad weather or when your hands are full. You can be worry free because it's seamlessly integrated with your vehicle's anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems.


GMC Acadia Accessories Bicycle Wall Unit

Mounts to wall to conveniently store your bike or skis when not in use. Easy to install within minutes. Includes all hardware.

* Required and optional accessory equipment may vary depending on your vehicle. Prices shown are suggested manufacturer's retail price, not including applicable vehicle calibration, balancing, installation or taxes. Dealer final prices may vary. See your dealer for details.